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15 Meals Per Week (Monthly)

15 Meals Per Week (Monthly)

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This package consists of a mixture of chicken, fish, and vegetarian meals. 

◾️ 10 Meals Per Week for the Month.

All you need to do to order is: 

Look at the current menu and let us know if the meals you do not want to be included in your plan.

We will then sort out the rest give you a mixed selection of the meals you do like which will make your time with athletes kitchen a more enjoyable experience.

◾️ Please send all menu dislikes or allergies to

Reducing meat is the single most effective way of helping to fight to save our planet in the environmental crisis that we are facing, we at Athletes Kitchen have put in a lot of effort and made it our priority to create nutritious, tasty meat-free alternative meals that provide you with the right amount of protein that will make you realize you do not need meat in every meal. 

We give you a healthy balance of vegetarian, chicken, and fish meals which will help you feel energized whilst knowing you are helping in other areas.